Netwatchman is new – addressing the concerns that keep many from buying the protection they know they need.

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You can purchase your NetWatchman Security System outright OR pay nothing up front and pay a small monthly service fee.

Compare the options below:

Purchase vs. Service Options

PRO TIP: Start with our service options and only purchase your NetWatchman system when you’re ready to commit!

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Unlike many single-room, do-it-yourself systems, NetWatchman protects multiple rooms by typically placing two or three small, table-top motion sensors in high-traffic rooms. For most homes that’s the right level of protection to detect a burglar who is likely to wander the house. NetWatchman can grow to estate-class protection by simply adding more table-top detectors.

NetWatchman can be operated from your smart phone and sends you valuable logs that record the time/date and name of the person who arms/disarms. The logs also include diagnostic information to let you know your protection is operating properly. Beware: Some do-it-yourself systems advertise ‘no contract’ – however, they shut off key features, such as smart phone access, when you stop paying their monthly fees. NetWatchman’s remote access and log features are always free!

More Benefits


NetWatchman is portable, so no tools are needed and there’s no installation required. And, because NetWatchman comes pre-configured based upon information you provide when you order, no technical expertise is required. The table-top sensor simply plugs into a wall-outlet, the base-station plugs into your home network and there’s no wires.

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Netwatchman is your best value!


If you buy NetWatchman, you’ll pay about the same amount as other do-it-yourself systems… but you’ll be buying a system that provides better protection, great customer service and expandable features. Customers who buy NetWatchman can optionally purchase police dispatch services on a month-to-month basis when they believe they need that protection – there’s no lock-in contract.

Alternately, you can pay $0 upfront, pay a small monthly service fee and we’ll provide you the equipment for free. Your monthly service includes police dispatch service and the cost is less than the typical monthly fees from an alarm company – and those guys usually want 3 year lock-in contracts! With NetWatchman, canceling your service is simple – call us and return our equipment. It’s that simple! Monthly fee customers have a forever-right-to-return! Many customers try NetWatchman on the $0 upfront plan and eventually buy NetWatchman when they know it’s right for them.