NetWatchman is designed, manufactured, sold and supported by Genesis Engineering Inc. Genesis was founded on the principle that ‘People Protect People’ – You’ll feel safer knowing that licensed security professionals, based in the US, are there to provide support 24×7… including, at your discretion, dispatching police when you’re not available. Unlike traditional alarm companies, we do this without long term contracts and without the hassle of installers drilling holes in your walls. This strongly differentiates us from other consumer electronics companies who want to sell you a product and then demand that you self-support. Good luck waiting for support from their off-shore teams. When every second counts in calling the police, those other products require that you be available 24×7 to receive notifications from your home. You’re life is too busy — and feeling safe is not about being all-alone in guarding your own home. Genesis is a licensed alarm company holding California license ACO-3335.

Our History

Genesis was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer supplying alarm companies who were installing custom alarms in nicer homes. That first product provided control by Touch Tone phones and responses via a voice synthesizer – revolutionary in 1983. In 1987, Genesis was the first company to automatically change thermostat settings based upon occupancy information known to the alarm. Genesis has always led the industry by providing innovative features beyond a basic burglar alarm including features for latch-key kids, elder monitoring, housekeepers and much more. In 1999 – almost 20 years ago – Genesis was the first company to provide internet-web remote control. Over the many years, Genesis has always been about using powerful technology, housed in our servers, to remotely customize, diagnose and repair a system… making it all seem simple to the consumer. In 2006, Genesis used 20+ years of that experience to create the current NetWatchman – a simple, affordable device allowing you to feel safer knowing that alarm industry professionals – people you can reach – are taking care of the details for you.

Our Team

The team at Genesis is a unique combination of professionals from the alarm industry and consumer electronics. Members of the Genesis team have had successful careers owning alarm companies, managing electronics components sales, working in one of the nation’s premier research labs, and specifying offshore manufacturing for a fortune 50 consumer electronics company. Several engineers on our team have been voting members on international standards for communications, including the Zigbee network standard for home automation. Our founding CEO is now retired from Hewlett Packard where he served as Director of Quality for Business Critical Servers – a $5B business.