Author: Mike Weseloh

Safer with Support from Real People

Many do-it-yourself systems provide little or no support. Ever tried calling a tech support line to speak with real people – who understand you? Safety means being able to reach real people who can answer questions and provide security advise. All of our team is US based. We’re a licensed alarm company – that means […]

Safer When Our People Send the Police

At your direction, NetWatchman can dispatch the police. In addition, when our professional dispatchers  receive a signal from your house, they’ll reach you at multiple places on multiple devices and they can coordinate friends and neighbors you pre-designate. Most do-it-yourself systems send a message to your phone – forcing you to be available 24 hours […]

Safer Than Cameras

Think about it – the reason you see news videos showing burglaries is that the bad guy successfully got away with your stuff. Cameras give the bad guy too much time and the hoodie-clad kid is rarely recognizable. After your stuff is stolen you’ll have a useless, souvenir video – and that’s all you’ll have […]

Safer for the Whole Family

When NetWatchman comes out of the box, it’s ready to use – no ‘programming’ or setup. A vast library of 170 downloadable, add-on features further customize NetWatchman adding features to monitor elders, notify you of your kids comings/goings, keep track of housekeepers, notify you if kids/guests go somewhere not-allowed, manage thermostats, automate lighting, operate lighting […]