Detailed Terms:


After configuring your order we’ll provide three dollar amounts:

·         Monthly Service Fee

·         Equipment Deposit Amount (refundable)

·         Purchase Price (if you later choose to buy the equipment)

You’ll begin service by paying the first month’s service fee plus the refundable Equipment Deposit. Each month thereafter, we will automatically bill the credit card you have on file for the Monthly Service Fee. Each payment covers the next month of services. You may terminate service at any time (details below).  While under service, Professional Monitoring is fully included. The equipment we loan you as part of this service remains our property and, as such, we will warrant this equipment for as long as you maintain the service – forever.   Warranty details are provided elsewhere. Your service fee amount will not increase for 5 years. The equipment we provide may be refurbished but has been fully tested and is fully warranted as new.

It is important that you keep your credit card on file current. If we are unable to collect the Service Fee, we will attempt to contact you at the email addresses you have provided. If we are unable to collect within 15 days, we may, at our option, disable operation of your NetWatchman and cease providing services (you will no longer have alarm protection). If you will be out of contact for an extended period, we accept pre-payments to assure uninterrupted services.

At any time you may purchase your NetWatchman and, in doing so, end the Service Fees. Purchase details are discussed below.

Any monthly fees are charged for a month or any fraction thereof. We do not refund pro-rated portions of a month.

Service Termination / Refunds:

You may terminate your Service at any time by returning our loaned equipment in good condition. There is NO LONG TERM CONTRACT. You must contact us first to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA). You pay for return shipment and must include the RMA # on the outside of the packaging. You remain responsible for the equipment during shipment and are advised to obtain insurance on the shipment appropriately. We also suggest that you retain the original shipping cartons to avoid damage during shipment. We will stop Service Fee billing upon you notifying us of the return. We will also disable operation of NetWatchman immediately. As such, you must provide us with your account number and valid password to cease Services.  We will credit your credit card within 20 days of receiving the returned equipment in good condition. The credit amount is your original Equipment Deposit Amount.  Note that the refund may not appear on your credit card until your bank’s next billing cycle.

Returning equipment in ‘good condition’ means free of damage excluding normal wear and tear.  Damage or Loss may, at our sole discretion, cause forfeiture of your Equipment Deposit and may result in charges to your credit card up to the original Purchase Price. Damage includes, but is not limited to, water damage, damage resulting from mis-connection, damage caused by temperatures greater than found in normal living spaces, damage to the fragile lens on the motion sensor and severe scratches to the outer case.



As a Purchase:

You may purchase Netwatchman at any time – when you’re ready. This purchase may be at the very beginning (never paying a Service Fee).  If you elected to begin as a Service and are now considering purchasing the equipment we loaned you, the Purchase Price we provided when you first started Service will never increase. Sales tax, as applicable, is charged on this Purchase Price amount at time of purchase. If we collected an Equipment Deposit, and you later decided to purchase, the deposit will be credited towards the amount due at purchase. In addition, we will credit your purchase amount with 15% of the total Service Fees  you have paid over the duration of your Services.  Monthly fees cease upon Purchase. As an owner, Professional Monitoring is available for $9.95/month in any month you wish to be monitored. Monthly monitoring fees are not pro-rated and are charged for any month or fraction thereof. Monitoring is available month-to-month with no long term contract.  As an owner, you have a 1 year limited warranty from the time of purchase (details elsewhere).

Service / Refund Exclusions:

Backup batteries are available for Netwatchman and are recommended to assure protection during power failures. The connector labeled ‘Battery’ must only use a NetWatchman battery provided by us. We do NOT loan batteries – they are available for purchase only. If you are using NetWatchman under a monthly Service Fee and you need battery protection, you must purchase the batteries. Batteries are not refundable. Batteries we provide to our customers are always new and, while the outer plastic battery case may be refurbished, the battery inside is never re-used or refurbished.

Accessories such as the home automation interface, backup communications modules, etc are NOT loaned (available for purchase only). At the time we initiate Services, we will clearly specify equipment being loaned versus being purchased.

Except for replacement under warranty terms, we do NOT issue refunds for purchased equipment.

Software, including downloadable ‘apps’ is purchased and is not returnable or refundable. In some rare instances, we may agree to provide custom consulting for a fee. If we do so, those fees are not refundable.



Rev B 08/11/2014